New year, see the new development trend of single screw extrusion equipment

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In the Chinese market, single-screw plastic extruders occupy a great development advantage. It has the characteristics of simple structure, ruggedness, convenient maintenance, low price and easy operation. In the process of continuous development, technology is also upgrading Towards high-quality, efficient and multifunctional development.

Single Screw Extruder

China has independent research and development capabilities

When the twin-screw extruder is used for glass fiber reinforced compounding, if the glass fiber content exceeds 45%, processing will become quite difficult. The magnetic powder content of magnetic materials is usually as high as 60% to 70%, and sometimes even more than 90%. It is almost impossible to process and pelletize magnetic materials with ordinary extruder.

With the joint efforts of technical and R & D personnel in the industry, some major special models such as exhaust extruder, tandem mill screw extruder, reciprocating pin single screw plastic extruder and melt gear pump extruder, tandem multi-stage extruder, planetary screw extruder are produced by domestic manufacturers, have the ability of independent research and development, and enjoy independent intellectual property rights. Some domestic manufacturers and research institutes have carefully developed independently designed grinding disc extruders according to the needs of domestic magnetic materials and other highly filled materials.    

Innovating in foreign markets

Battenfeld Cincinnati's twin-screw extruder fully reflects the characteristics of high energy efficiency. TwinEX, for example, offers four extruder models from 78mm to 135mm. Compared to other counter-rotating twin-screw extruders, the specific energy input of twinEX is about 15% lower, while the output is increased. This is achieved by lengthening the processing unit to 34L / D combined with the reduction of heat loss. The main design features include fully insulated barrel, intelligent APC barrel air-cooled (powerful air-cooled system), Intracool screw core temperature adjustment system and optimized screw design.


Development direction of single screw extruder

With the improvement of screw and barrel material properties and optimization of processing quality, in the design of single-screw extruder, the small diameter screw is designed by adding a barrier with a longer diameter ratio to increase mixing speed, and then equipped with an optimized opening Slot barrel design can achieve high output, high quality and low energy consumption. Therefore, a small diameter single screw extruder with an ultra-long diameter ratio is one of the future development directions. Large-diameter plastic pipes have developed rapidly in recent years, especially large-diameter high-density polyethylene pipes. In the process of processing different raw materials, different structure screws are generally required. With the continuous increase of labor costs, replacement of screws requires more costs, so it is particularly important to use a screw that can uniformly mix a variety of raw materials and high-quality processing. This is also the future development direction of single screw extruder one.



China's single-screw plastic extruder market still needs rising raw material costs and energy cost pressures, so that energy saving and material saving become the focus of the extrusion processing industry. At the same time, extrusion technology suppliers can develop various energy-saving solutions from various perspectives to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent.


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