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630 HDPE Production Line


First visit to our factory 2019

HDPE pipes are mainly used for water supply system, which is widely applied in municipal engineering, indoor buildings, underground-buried outdoor projects including residential communities and factories. HDPE pipes are also the first adoption of repairing old pipes, the system of water treatment engineering pipelines, gardening, irrigation and many industrial water pipes used in other fields.

Our first meeting with the customer was at PLASTEX in October 2019. At the exhibition, we introduced the advantages of this production line and some successful cases from our previous customers. After the exhibition, and the customer had the idea of carrying out this project. They were very interested in our equipment, but they did not have a suitable plant at that time and they had been considering this project. Therefore, in December 2019, five clients visited our company, and they were full of praise for the excellent quality of our equipment and our professional technical analysis and guidance. They returned home with great satisfaction. We have been keeping in touch with the customers, arranging plant drawings for the customer, and the customer started to build their workshops at the same time. After several busy months, their factory was finally completed. The customer ordered a 630 HDPE pipe production line from our company in March 2021 without any hesitation.

630 HDPE Production Line is composed of single-screw extruder, pipe extruding mould, vacuum calibration tank, water spray cooling tank, six-claw half-off, cutter and stack.

The production line is suitable for producing pipes of 315mm-630mm in diameter.

Case Product

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