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We Provide Service


On important parts, we have a 12-month warranty and free replacement.

Technician Support

Before the equipment goes out of the factory, we will debug it in the factory. The problems that arise will be solved before the equipment goes out of the factory. When the equipment arrives at the customer's factory, if the customer needs us to send engineers to debug and install it, we can also arrange for it. We can discuss all the expenses.

Turnkey Project

Not only do we make machines, but we can also design the whole plant for you, from the layout of the plant, the arrangement and distribution of water, electricity and equipment. For example, there will be dust in the production line workshop of PVC. We will design dust removal devices for you. There will be more dust in the mixing workshop. We will separate the mixing room accordingly, so that the products produced can be clean and dustless.

Sales Service

As far as possible, we will reply to customers at the first time or guide customers through video live. We will send engineers to solve the problem if the customer can't solve it.

Technical Support


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