MPP pipe extrusion line

MPP Pipe Extrusion Line

Country: China

First visit to our factory: 2019-08-10

The customer is from Nanjing, China. He wants to set up the MPP pipe extrusion line project for investing domestic markets.
Diameter of MPP pipe: 110mm, 120mm, 160mm, 174mm, 200mm, 232mm
This is the customer’s first time to do cooperation with our company, he ordered 4 production lines from us:
2sets MPP pipe extrusion lines
2sets PVC pipe extrusion lines
MPP pipe, also known as MPP power cable protection pipe, is divided into excavation type and trenchless type. MPP trenchless pipe is also known as MPP jacking pipe or supporting pipe. The main raw material of MPP pipe is modified polypropylene. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, and is suitable for the pipe materials of high-voltage transmission lines under 10kV.
MPP uses modified polypropylene as the main raw material, which is a construction project of laying pipes and cables in special sections such as roads, railways, buildings, river bed, etc. without large amount of dredging, earth excavation and pavement damage. Compared with the traditional "trenching and burying pipe method", the trenchless power pipe project is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements, removing the dust, traffic jams and other disturbing factors caused by the traditional construction. This technology can also lay pipelines in some areas where excavation cannot be carried out, such as historic sites protection area, downtown area, crop and farmland protection area, expressway, river, etc. The common specification of pipes is 110mm-250mm in diameter, which can be divided into common type and reinforced type. Ordinary type is suitable for excavation and laying construction and non excavation crossing construction with buried depth less than 4m; reinforced type is suitable for non excavation crossing construction with buried depth greater than 4m.
Scope of application:

It can be widely used in municipal, telecommunication, electric power, gas, tap water, heating and other pipeline projects. Urban and rural trenchless horizontal directional drilling electric pipe laying project and open excavation electric pipe laying project. Urban and rural non excavation horizontal directional drilling sewage pipe works. Industrial wastewater discharge project.
1.MPP pipe has excellent electrical insulation.
2. MPP pipe has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.
3. The tensile and compressive properties of MPP are higher than that of HDPE.
4. MPP pipe is light, smooth, friction resistance is small, and it can be butt welded by hot melting. 5. The long-term use temperature of MPP pipe is 5-70 ℃.
6. Construction instructions:
During the transportation and construction of pipes, it is strictly prohibited to throw, impact, scratch and expose them.
The axis of the two pipes shall be aligned and the end face shall be cut vertically and flat.
The processing temperature, time, pressure and climate conditions shall be adjusted accordingly.
The minimum bending radius of the tube shall be ≥ diameter 75mm.

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MPP pipe extrusion line
MPP pipe extrusion line
MPP pipe extrusion line
MPP pipe extrusion line
MPP pipe extrusion line

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