PVC ceiling panel extrusion line

PVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion Line

State:Jiangxi, China

First visit to our factory 2014

This project is domestic customer in Jiangxi province. In 2014, the customer visited our factory , at that time, he came to our factory for discussing PVC window& door profile production lines. The first time, he ordered 3 production lines from our factory. Until now, all machines run well. In 2019, the customer came to us for talking about PVC ceiling panel/ wall panel extrusion line, he will produce both pvc ceiling panel & wall panel. For decoration one panel, will do foil transfer & lamination; Just in time, our production line can realize film transfer and laminating on one machine, which saves the time of changing machine and improves work efficiency. The customer ordered complete line with 1 set 250mm panel mould. It can produce PVC panel from 200mm to 300mm in this production line just change mould is ok. The equipments include high speed mixer, crusher, pulverizer, vibration machine for option choice.

With the continuous development of decoration materials, people's requirements for the quality of life are improved, PVC environmental wall panel is more and more popular with customers. This PVC panel extrusion line also can produce wall panel, the raw material is mixed by PVC powder, wood powder, foam material and other additives. We also can supply different design moulds. Different capacities extruders are for option choice.

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PVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion LinePVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion LinePVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion LinePVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion LinePVC ceiling panel extrusion line


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