PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Country: Ghana

First visit to our factory: 2018-09-20

This project is made by customers from Ghana, including 3 sets of PVC pipe production lines, 2 sets of 63 PVC pipe production lines and 1set 110 PVC pipe line. Customers have been selling PVC pipes for many years. In recent two years, Ghana's pipe market is particularly good. In view of this, customers plan to produce their own pipes to meet the market demand. Because this is the first project of customer, at first, the customer's plan is more cautious. He wants to invest one production line first, with the pipe diameter from 20 mm to 63 mm. After 3 months of communication with us, the customer plans to visit our factory. After seeing the equipment of our company, the customer is very satisfied. During 3 days of detailed discussion, we understand that the local demand for pipe materials is very large, and the salary of local personnel is not very high, so we suggest that the customer invest in 2 sets production lines, the output will increase greatly after taking cost into account, the profit of customer is still very considerable. After our detailed analysis, the customer felt that it was necessary to invest in another production line. After the decision of him and his partner, they finally invested in three production lines.

We tested PVC pipe extrusion line with diameter 110mm, this production line for Ghana customer. Pipe production line includes: conical twin screw extruder, die head, vacuum calibration tank, puller, cutting machine and belling machine online. Half day, this production line is tested successfully, the customer is very satisfied to our machines.

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