Characteristics And Advantages Of PE Conduit Pipe

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Characteristics and advantages of PE conduit pipe

1.Excellent physical properties, made of  polyethylene material, not only has good rigidity, strength, but also has good flexibility, which is conducive to the installation of pipes.

2.PE power cable protection pipe is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

3. PE pipe with good toughness and deflection is a kind of high toughness pipe. Its elongation at break is more than 500, which has strong adaptability to uneven ground settlement and dislocation. It has good seismic resistance. Small caliber pipe can be bent arbitrarily.

4.PE power cable protection pipe is closed smoothly, with small friction coefficient, easy cable threading and high construction period efficiency.

5.PE power cable protection pipe has good electrical insulation performance, long service life (buried pipe life more than 50 years), durable, safe and reliable line operation.

6.PE power cable protection pipe is light in weight, convenient in maintenance, installation and construction, and easy to transport and operate.

7.Small diameter pipe can be coil type, with long pipe section, few joints and simple installation.

8.Pipes can be made into many colors to show the difference.

9.The low temperature embrittlement temperature of PE with excellent low temperature impact resistance is very low, and it can be used safely in the temperature range of - 20-40.

10.The wear resistance of PE pipe is 4 times that of other metal pipes. A variety of new construction methods. In addition to the traditional manual excavation method, PE pipe can also be constructed by a variety of new non excavation technologies, such as pipe jacking, lining, split pipe, etc., which is a good choice for some places where excavation is not allowed.


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PE conduit pipe is divided into L-type (light) M-type (medium) H-type (heavy)

1、 Executive standard: JG / T3050-1998

2、 The thickness of products with nominal outer diameter of 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40 is as follows:

1.16 the thickness of light, medium and heavy outer diameter are respectively: 1.00 (light, tolerance + 0.15), 1.20 (medium, tolerance + 0.3), 1.6 (heavy, tolerance + 0.3). 

2. The thickness of medium and heavy (no light) of 20 outer diameter is 1.25 (medium, allowable difference + 0.3) and 1.8 (heavy, allowable difference + 0.3), respectively.

3. 25 the thickness of medium and heavy (no light) outside diameter is 1.50 (medium, allowable difference + 0.3), 1.9 (heavy, allowable difference + 0.3).

4. 32 the thickness of light, medium and heavy outer diameter are 1.40 (light, tolerance + 0.3), 1.80 (medium, tolerance + 0.3), 2.4 (heavy, tolerance + 0.3). 5. The thickness of light, medium and heavy of 40 outer diameter is 1.80 (light and medium, tolerance + 0.3), 2.0 (heavy, tolerance + 0.3).

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